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I have a subscription to DMS and can't get into the paid forum

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I need help with my website customization. I have a paid subscription to DMS but the system doesn't recognize it. How do I get into the paid members forum?


Also, I need help with the mediabox. I've inserted it many times; however, it will not show up once  I publish?




Diana Bauman

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Follow the instructions below.


1. Logout of the forums and clear your browsers history, cookies and cache.

2. Then login to your PageLines account - http://pagelines.com/my-account

3. In doing so, this should connect your accounts and give you access to the forums.


If that hasn't worked then you most likely have two different email address associated to your PageLines account and forum. To resolve this, you will need to contact our helpdesk - hello at pagelines dot com


In regards to your other question (in future can you follow forum policy and have only one question per topic please), this is most likely caused by either a plugin or your servers configuration. Can you provide a link to your site and also enable PL Debug mode please - DMS Toolbar > Settings > Advanced.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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