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Flash Banner in Branding

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Hi everyone,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All of you


I'd like to insert a flash banner into the branding, how can I do this?

Any idea? Please help me? Thanks a lot

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You will most likely need to use a hook. You can find a list of hooks in Platform Pro by clicking on the section, then use these hooks in your code.

For more information on hooks, see our documentation (even though it's for DMS, the same applies).



Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • richardjacruz
      By richardjacruz+
      I saw this website build with PageLines DMS:
      I want to have a header that's VERY similar. However, with the fixed area, I'm struggling with how to do that. 
      I want to have a "super menu" under one of the tabs, and drop downs for others, a larger logo to the left like this, a search all the way to the right, and a call-to-action at the top like we see with "Donate" (I want "Request a Quote").
      What area (fixed or header) is best to use for this, and, within that area, what are the best sections to place?
    • lemureyes
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      I have been trying for hours to get my social media buttons to appear in my header with installing custom widgets, yet they are not exactly what I have in mind.
      I would like it to just have the social media buttons all line up right next to my banner like it does in DMS. I am really lost on child pages and how to input custom code into pagelines. I am really just looking for a article that will help me out or a youtube video.
      *Disclaimer my website does need a lot of work I am learning all of this as I go.*
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      I created a Branding Area via the tutorial. Now every time I insert a new text box, the social media icons are also there. How do I get rid of the social media icons in new text boxes, but keep them in the text box in my branding area?  
    • kostan
      By kostan
      Hi, I am trying to build a travel blog for some time and when I discovered that DMS version is released decided to switch from the old PageLines to DMS. But there are a few things which are bothering me, I didn't find a solution so far so I decided to ask here. Should I also add that I am the absolute beginner in WP, here is the link to the website: www.putografija.com So let's start from the header.

      First of all, I haven't found the way how to position the logo correctly (in the previous version of PageLines it worked automatically). I have tried a few times to align the logo to the left side but there is always free space on the left. Also, there is a huge space above and below it which is even a bigger problem. Logo is cropped correctly, I mean there is no transparent space on any of its sides. So the result is the huge gap between the logo and both navigation bars and as well on the left side. Any ideas how to solve this? Also, I don't see the option how could the logo be linked with the site URL. Probably I should also add that header is consisted from two columns (right one is empty so far), while logo is inserted through the Highlight section (also tried as a MediaBox and it looked even worse).

      Further, I tried to add social icons on the right side as described here: http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/creating-a-branding-area but is simply doesn't work. Probably this is because I don't understand where the code should be pasted but so far I managed to add the social icons that work correctly but they look shitty and are vertically placed... Sorry but I really needed to ask as I simply don't know how to resolve this. 

      Finally, a few things which I also noticed in the old PageLines but never asked here: is there a way to change the blue color of the "shade" of hovering buttons from the main navigation bar? Also, there is one more thing: obviously both WP this template are designed mainly for English speaking users and sometimes the options for changing certain things into other languages are a real headache. For instance, how the text "Search" from the Search box could be changed?

      Finally I hope that my questions are within the forum regulations. I have asked a few questions here as I am stuck for months so I hope that someone will be willing to help me here. Thanks in advance. 

    • richardjacruz
      By richardjacruz+
      Please look at the site at http://www.connectingonline.org. I place a pair of dogtags and a phone number using a Pagelines-Cutomize hook. Unfortunately, I can't get the dogtag to link to the "/donate/" page. When I inspect the element, it appears that where I placed this covers the entire header area. Is there a way for me to get around this? I'd also like to make the dogtag animate as a rollover. I tried putting in basic HTML rollover script, but it broke the site on line 47 of the pagelines-customize/functions.php file.
      I saw some posts about a plugin called "Branding," but I didn't see it available for Framework (only DMS). Any recommendations?