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RevSlider text with blue background, move to bottom, remove button

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Tried to work out how to do this


Put text to bottom of slider

Change background of text caption to @linkColor

Remove button and add link to Caption text (Ok this needs some coding - so leave for now)


Can't seem to nail down a specific selector to change the position or the background colour of the caption.

Or adjust the position of the button.


Nothing in the documentation, and the More Info button link in the Slide Editor  Section goes to a third party site that has examples - but these all override the DMS interface and CSS. 


Frustrating start. Advice appreciated.

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I have replied to your documentation feedback post and your topic regarding the RevSlider. We do not link to a third party site, that site is the official documentation for the Revolution Slider Jquery plugin.


See my response here - http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/28168-revslider-how-to-add-video-and-have-it-resize-properly/page-2

Please search our forums, before posting!

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