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Fixing Layout issues globally

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I'm attempting to redo the first of 3 existing sites using Pagelines and have some questions (by the way, I did pay for a full year and for some reason am not being allowed to post except in the 'free version' section of this forum).


I set up a sandbox version of my site and then changed the theme from Catalyst/Dynamik to Pagelines and have set up the child theme.  The sandbox site can be found at http://beachredo.clearwaterbeachcondosforsale.com/.


Coming from Catalyst/Dynamik there are a lot of things different so I would appreciate any help you can provide on the following:


1.  All posts and pages show the dark background in the content and sidebar sections and I would like to globally change it so that the background behind the content in all text/content boxes and sidebars is white.  I can do that to individual posts but that would take too long.  An example of a post with sidebar like this is http://beachredo.clearwaterbeachcondosforsale.com/2012/07/


2.  Pages have this same issue and the content box is not full width.  Would also like to change this globally.  An example is http://beachredo.clearwaterbeachcondosforsale.com/contact-me/


3.  Pages have no side padding.  I took one page and made it full width and made the background behind the content white on an individual basis but have not been able to fix the side padding so that the text is not going right to the edge.  Would like to be able to fix this for all pages globally but when I tried in Settings>Section Area Padding it did not have any effect on these.  Here is an example of this http://beachredo.clearwaterbeachcondosforsale.com/about/


I realize I could make the changes for 1 and 2 above and save as a template and then change the template for all the posts and pages, but again, that would require doing each one, one-by-one.  I know there must be a way to change globally but haven't found where the info is on what to specify for the section.


Finally, the Blog page which showed all the posts' summaries and thumbnails on my current does not do so here.  I have a 'test' page using the Default template (was originally the Home page for the theme) which does but can't figure out why the Blog page isn't doing this.  Any ideas?


Thanks for any advice.  I'd like to get to the point where I can use Pagelines as easily as I used Catalyst but will need some help in getting there.




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Hi Ron,


Not sure what you're referring to when you say "(by the way, I did pay for a full year and for some reason am not being allowed to post except in the 'free version' section of this forum)" can you go into greater detail please.


1. If you're using Full Width mode, you do not have a background color, as the area is full width, so whatever color you have selected for your background will be used for your site. If you wish to have a background color and your content a different color, you should use use CSS.

For example:


#site .thepage {
background-color: lightblue;


#site .pl-area-wrap {
padding: 0 !important;


#site .pl-content {
background-color: #FFF;
2. See above and also, from the looks of it, you have gave that section an offset and a width of 8/12 only. Remove the offset and change the width from 8/12 to 12/12 and it should be full width.
3. This is because you have added your own class to that area, add the following to your custom CSS and add the class name to your sections styling classes field, this will resolve your issue.
.my-pad-left-right-40 {
padding: 0 40px;
box-sizing: border-box;
You can do the same thing for top and bottom padding too. Also, the class name is definitely too long, I used it for demonstration purposes.
4. I've viewed your blog page and there doesn't appear to be any Content/PostLoop section active. Therefore, I am unable to see the issue.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny,


Thanks for the reply.


Regarding the first issue - I initially tried to post this in the forum under Pagelines DMS called 

Technical Support (Personal, Business, & Developer)


but instead of the Start New Topic button on the upper right, the button said You Cannot Start a New Topic.  That was what I was referring to about not being able to post even though having paid for a year and having to post in the Technical Support (Free) forum.



For #1 - I do have the site set for Full Width Mode but moved the outer edges of the columns in slightly and so the dark background will give some contrast at the edges and between columns when the content sections have a white background (an aesthetic/design choice).


I tried your suggestion above but it got rid of the header image and gave me a header with a white background, and it also got rid of the dark background between the columns on the homepage, so that doesn't quite accomplish what I needed.  On the homepage I can set up its own template and deal with any changes needed there easily but I'm trying to get all existing posts and pages fixed so the sections that contain text, media, etc. in each of the columns will have a white background.


I found that I can easily fix the existing individual posts.  I went into an individual post and found it is using the Default template with the content of the post in the left column and the sidebar on the right.  When I clicked on the Edit icon for the Content/PostLoop box for the post itself, I was given the option to edit Section Options type and Section Options local.  When I edited the Section Options type and put in a Styling Class for a white background and saved that, it then made that change globally to all existing posts. I was also able to make that same global change to the sidebar by editing the Section Options type for all sections in the sidebar on that single post.  I then tested this by adding a new post and it automatically put in the white background for the Content/PostLoop section and all the sidebar sections.  


However, I was not able to do that on the blog index page ('Blog' page on the menu) or for any individual pages (including archive and category pages) - as anything that was a page only gave me a Section Options local when I tried to edit the Content/PostLoop section or the sidebar sections (no Section Options type).


I'm trying to find an easy way to make a global change to the sections on all types of pages like I was able to do for all single post pages.


For #2 - I didn't actually do any settings for that page.  That is how it was when I activated Pagelines as the theme for this sandbox version of my existing site.  So the offset and width were set somewhere else for every existing page.  I tested this out by creating a new page in the WP dashboard and it automatically came out with the same settings.  That page is http://beachredo.clearwaterbeachcondosforsale.com/test-for-pagelines-new-page/.  I did not select any template in the Edit Page screen or do anything with settings in DMS so this is just how Pagelines is formatting the pages which means any page I add will be like this.


I need to find out where this layout is getting set so I can correct it.  Going into all 67 existing pages to fix it and then having to do the same with any new page doesn't make any sense.  I'm sure we could find some way to fix with custom CSS but there must be someplace that has code which is causing these settings, right?  It seems like the best way to fix this would be to correct it there (and then make sure that setting is in the Child theme so it doesn't get messed up again when there is an update to DMS).


For #3 - this goes along with #2 since it really only affects pages and not posts.  Again, there is some setting or code that is giving 0 padding on the right and left for the Content/PostLoop section on all pages.  I created another new page and then edited it so that it had the Styling Class for a white background to be able to see the content.  http://beachredo.clearwaterbeachcondosforsale.com/test-page-with-white-bg/  On this test page you can see that there is no padding at all on the right and left which means that wherever the settings are for pages, they not only automatically set them to have a Content/PostLoop section that has an 8/12 width and an offset but also have 0 padding on the right and left.


So if we can figure out where the code is for the settings for pages we can fix both #2 and #3.


For #4 - I figured out the problem by going to a site online that described the problem and followed their suggestion: 

  1. Go to Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading. Under “Front page displays” –> A static page –> Posts page  –> Blog.

That fixed it and now the Blog page is showing all the posts like it should.


Sorry to put so much into one post here but I thought it would be easier than several separate posts.  So at this point it looks like all the issues needing to still be fixed come down to figuring out where the settings for pages are coming from and then correct those settings so that all existing pages will be fixed and all new pages will come out correctly.




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If you can't post in the technical forum, contact our helpdesk and they will be able to resolve this issue for you.


1. OK, so basically, you wont something similar to another user who posted a similar issue today, see my response and let me know if that is what you're after - http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/32134-white-background-to-the-content-area-only/


2. If the offset is being added automatically, then you most likely have set this somewhere on a template and have that template set as your default template when creating new pages.

I recommend you either view all your templates and see if this is the case and if so, remove it or create a template and assign it to that page. Either way, if you want something full width, you need to have your sections containing on offset and no decreased width.


3. That actually isn't an issue, because you're using the Full Width option that isn't a need for padding. So when you add your custom background color class to the sections styling classes field, it adds the white background color to the full section, that is why the text and backgrounf color at next to one another.

So you will need to do as I suggested above in my previous post. Also in regards to the settings, by default DMS does not add any offset and all sections are set to 12/12. So if this offset and 8/12 keeps occurring then it is something you have set on a template. You will need to review your templates, I would start with the template you have configured to be your global.


4. Yeah, this is a Wordpress question and not a DMS one, see here for more information on static pages - http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

Even though you may feel it would be better to have all your questions on one topic, it is actually against forum policy, our policy is one question per topic. The reason for this is, its difficult for our staff to reply and having multiple questions on topic isn't good for searching indexing. So in future, please refrain from having multiple questions per topic.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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