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CSS being ignored on site

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I am working with ryanmrealestate.com using DMS. I have updated Wordpress and DMS to the current versions.It appears that the system is ignoring the CSS.  See the attached image of the page to see what I mean.


What have I done wrong?

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I am not seeing any attached image. Is the CSS you have added still present in the DMS CSS/LESS editor ?


If it CSS is still in the editor, then its most likely your CSS is either not valid (i.e. has errors) or the classes you have used are not correct.

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UPDATE: I fixed the issue by copying the CSS out and pasting it back in...not sure why that fixed it


Hi Danny + Dherries


I'm also having this problem with Custom CSS being ignored on www.ruleoflaw.org.au


Last changes I made to the site two weeks ago looked fine across all browsers and worked correctly. Not sure what changed to make the CSS stop working unless it's server side since no changes have been made to the site on my end.


I have checked my CSS for errors.


Any thoughts much appreciated.

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What CSS isn't being applied, can you provide the code in your next reply please.

Also, if it worked and then suddenly stopped working, are you sure you haven't installed any plugins or made any changes ?

If that isn't the case then its likely to be server related, meaning your host has made some changes.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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