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Section width LESS/CSS being ignored ...

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Website URL:
Framework Version: 1.1.4
WordPress Version: 3.8
Plugins in Use: 
DMS Professional Tools

Screenshots: attached

Details: I added a 10px border around two sections on the site - which made it look like those sections were 20px larger than the other sections. So - I went in and added " width: 868px !important; " to the custom LESS/CSS for those sections - and - it works when in the editor mode of DMS - but then in preview mode - it completely ignores the designated width and the sections are too wide again. I've read through - and have tried a couple of things - got to the point where I added the " !important " - and that made it work in the editor mode - but then - once live, ker-flooey.

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Just curious if you have jetpack activated I remember having a similar issue where jetpack made the header and the template section not line up correctly. 

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Hi Aires - Thanks for your reply.


Nope. I just have DMS Professional Tools plugin activated right now ... 


So - that isn't the culprit ...

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You can't just add width XXX !important that wont work. The issue is you have added a border, which is added outside of the element area, so you have two choices.


1. You can either replace border with box-shadow or outline

2. Continue to use border but use it in conjunction with


box-sizing: border-box


This will restrict the border to stay inside the element area and not outside of it, like so:


Code used for the image above:


.main-box {
background-color: #000;
border-style: solid;
border-width: 10px;
border-color: #777;
box-sizing: border-box;

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Hey Danny -


Thanks for the code.


I added it into my custom CSS - and - it's not doing anything ...


I then went into "Inspect Element" in Chrome's web tools - and - the code that I added - and that was saved - isn't showing up in there ...


I'm flummoxed. I can see the correct code (your code) in the code editor - but - it isn't showing up when published ...


Any ideas?

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See my response to your other topic, as its most likely related to this.

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