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help customizing dms

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I'm trying to move my current site to the DMS platform and keep a very similar design theme. I have been in the process of customizing my site, but I can't figure out how to do a number of things. I feel like there must be an easier way but I'm not sure how. Attached are some screenshots of my old site that I'm trying to replicate.


Can you point me in the right direction? Here are some things I'm trying to do.


1. Move my logo into the secondary menu section

2. Add a yellow line between the two headers

3. Remove the shading/style around the secondary menu

4. Customize my ibox icons to be my own icons. Also to make the icons smaller and colored.

5. Add a copyright line to the bottom.

6. Change coloring in the footer area. I'd like two color sections - one for the 4-section footer area and one for the copyright area.

7. Change the font and link colors in the 4-section footer area.

8. Make a standard page, say the "selling" page, have a 2-column body section. Currently it's one main body section with a sidebar. I'd like there to be 2 columns in the body section in addition to the sidebar.

9. Change the width of the sidebar.




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You'll have to do it with CSS: D
1. Download for Web browser: FIREBUG1.12.5
With this plugin you can see the CSS code
Two. Acontinuacion you can modify the PageLine




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Hi Monika,


In future can you please follow forum policy and have only one question per topic please.


1. You can't merge sections. However, what you can do is reduce the width of your sections and then have them on the same row. So for your logo image, use the MediaBox section and then reduce its width and then add your navigation, then reduce the width of that section. As long as both sections widths do not proceed 12 then they will be next to one another. See this guide for more assistance - http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/creating-a-branding-area


2. You will need to use custom CSS to achieve a yellow line or border between your sections.


3. That is the default styling of the menu. Therefore, you will need to use custom CSS to style the menu to your liking.


4. The iBox icons are provided by Font Awesome, if you wish to use your own images, you will need to select the image option and then upload your images.


5. You can add your own copyright in a number of ways the simplest method would be to add your text to a TextBox section. The more difficult method would be to use a hook, using a hook is the better method as you will be able to use PHP to determine the date etc. You can learn more about hooks here - http://docs.pagelines.com/advanced/hooks


6. For changing or adding custom colors to your background area such as the Footer and so forth, follow the instructions here - http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/section-area-styling


7. That would require custom CSS.


8. For a three column layout you will need to use the Three Column Layout section, then in change the width of these sections using the decrease/increase controls. You can then drag and drop the Widigetizer or Sidebar section to add a widget area to your template.


9. You can change the width of the Sidebar and another other section or layout section by using the decrease/increase controls.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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