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NextGen GalleryView issue

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There's a nice companion plugin to NextGen Gallery, called "NextGen GalleryView", which creates an attractive automatic slideshow with additional options. With PlatformPro, the GalleryView plugin works fine on a default page, but completely blows up the page if you use a Carousel page. Not a huge deal, because obviously the two wouldn't work well together in their normal configuration -- they can't talk to each other without hacking the code. If you tried to use both independently, it would likely confuse the site visitor. Still, I thought you should be aware of the issue. I couldn't help but wonder if you could modify your Carousel page to work the same way GalleryView does. A slideshow would appear either above or below the thumbnails (depending on your choice of position). When you select an image, it would change the slideshow image to that selected photo. Otherwise it would just go through the sequence as it does with GalleryView now. Just a thought.

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