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Nav Classic (Superfish)/Woocommerce Conflict

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sonaros    0

I have a site that i setup with Woocommerce.  I am using Nav Classic for my navigation and for some reason the navigation does not display propery in IE8.  I am assuming some sort of javascript conflict or out of date version.  Is there an update for Nav Classic as well?

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Danny    1,327



Can you provide a screenshot of the issue please. Also, try removing all custom scripts and code you may have added as well as all active plugins and see if this resolves your issue.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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sonaros    0

Sorry Danny.  I did a bad job of explaining.  The problem goes away when I de-activate Woocommerce.  I have no custom scripts running.  I attached 2 screenshots.  1 is the error and the other demonstrates how it is supposed to look.



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