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Kenburner slider not working properly anymore

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My Kenburner Slider is not working properly on my site anymore.   About 3-4 months back I lost the ability to float captions, but I had more important things to deal with so I let it go.  Now my slides will not continue to rotate through after the first rotation... the slider stops on my last slide (before it is set to repeat) and hangs on that slide.


I have left messages on the developers forum and he is unresponsive.  Can anybody help?


Thank you,



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OK I solved the non-scroll function.  I still cannot float captions on my slides.  If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.



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      I've been using the Post Types Order plugin by Nsp Code to reorder all of my custom post types, including my Kenburner slides and captions. I've recently found the need to get their premium version of this plugin, "Advanced Post Types Order." It works great for everything except the Kenburner slides and captions. When activated, the "Reorder" option doesn't appear. It shows up just fine on all my other custom post types. Any ideas?
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      I'm close to pulling the trigger on the ken burns slider.
      even though I have it with the simplicate theme that I don't really use.
      I guess I need to buy it again to use it if i'm not using the simplicate theme?
      is the ken burns slider responsive at this time?
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      The problem here shown at the developers own demopage...
      So it's not only on my page! Very frustrating...
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      I purchased the slider and installed it properly. Neither my vimeo video or a simple graphic will show up. Please assist me. Thank you.
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      This site (http://annieack.com) has a problem with the Kenburner slide show working on the site. Site is also using Simplicate.
      The slides do not appear. I have checked and all the slides seem fine. All are attached to a category and the category is set in the Slider settings.
      I found the following link to Enrique's support page for the slider  http://tmeister.net/knowledge-base/kenburner-slider/kenburner-slider-is-not-showing-any-slides/
      And that pages advises
      "This issue is that the b/w images are not being generated, those images are created when you upload the original ones, So, why the b/w images are not being generated?
      This happen because 2 major reasons:
      1.- The upload folder has not write permissions, set your permission to 755 using your FTP client.
      2.- The server has not the libraries for created the b/w images, this libraries are GD for PHP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GD_Graphics_Library) all the decent servers around the net has those libraries by default, is a common library.'
      The Site owner has contacted the hosting provider to them to check the permissions and we are waiting to hear back.
      Does anyone know any other reason why this might not work?