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I had my comment section disabled for a while but decided to add back to my pages and noticed that the Comment section has disappeared from my Drag & Drop. I checked each template's Active/Available/Disabled section but I do not see it anywhere.


I read similar topics and double checked the setting in Discussion and made sure that the boxes were checked each page. I see the Comments in the Dashboard so I don't think it has completely disappeared but I am unable to add it through Drag & Drop to appear on my pages.


I disabled each plugin to see if it solves the problem but it did not help.


Thank you so much in advance!

Wordpress 3.8

Pagelines Framework 2.4.4



I will email the login and password.

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Hello @adminuni 


Please go to PageLines > Store > Core Framework 


Then scroll down until you see 'comments' and click activate


Comments will reappear in drag and drop. :)

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Thank you so much Martin!

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No Problem - happy to help :) 

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I have the same problem as mentioned above but best answer is already outdated (death link) unfortunately, anyone can help? Thx 

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Hi Plev


Please create a new topic, as we only allow one question per topic for search indexing reasons.

Thank you very much

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