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    • chamois_blanc
      By chamois_blanc+
      The iCallout section has a "Callout Text Wrapper" option allows to select the header style (h1 to h6). But it's not working font-size wise. I see the header style getting added but iCallout is adding its own font size and line height:
      .section-icallout .format-inline .icallout-head font-size: 37px; line-height: 1em;  
      Here is the code from the section style.css. It looks inconsistent. The text on top of button format does not have a font size or line height. Whereas the inline format does:
      section-icallout {         text-align: center;         .icallout-head{                 margin-bottom:12px;         }         .format-inline{                 .icallout-head{                         font-size: 37px;                         line-height: 1em;                 }                 .icallout-head,                 .icallout-action{                         display: inline-block;                         margin: 10px 15px;                         vertical-align: top;                 }         } } Gilles
    • MissT
      By MissT+
      Hi there,
      How exactly can I add a new colour for the iCallout button please in DMS2? I've tried changing the color with CSS of an existing colour selection which works fine but I can't get the hover color to change - tried many different things with CSS but the hover color won't change.
      So is there an easy way to add your own custom colours?  I've looked at the less file for the iCallout section and there are no colors set there. I've also looked at the colors less file and there are some button colors there but I don't think these are the same ones that set the iCallout button colours.
      Strangely there is no yellow to select in the iCallout drop down list.
      Many thanks in advance!
    • trace
      By trace
      When bringing in new "sections", I can never get consistency with edits. For example: I'll bring "iCallout"  into the template. Make the edits. Refresh and boom... everything is screwed up. Take a look at the attached image for a visual experience of this problem.
      Not only does it revert to before I brought in "iCallout", but it removes CSS styles I've applied to the template and other edited sections. To fix this, I just load in my saved template. However, now I'm back at step 1 and cannot pull in "iCallout" without this problem happening again.
      This happens with other sections too. Not just "iCallout". Sometimes (rarely) it works. Most of the time it does not. I've tried deactivating all my plugins but still get the problem. Everything is up-to-date.
      Why is this happening? This is a core feature of DMS that I can't get to work consistently. What should I try?
      Website = http://boostsouthwestoregon.org/
      Edit: I attached the wrong image. Right image here -> 
    • toddlo
      By toddlo
      How do I change the color of an iCallout button? Unlike other areas there is no place to specify a hex code or a style class. This is an example of where Pagelines is incredibly sophisticated in some areas but utterly lacking in some of the basics. Pagelines makes it easy to do difficult things but difficult to do easy things sometimes...