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DMS Editor Fails when Installed

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I'm running DMS 1.1.4 on Wordpress 3.8 and I've purchased and installed the LUD DMS Testimonials.

However, with the plug-in activated the DMS editor no longer works - meaning the page fails to load properly and I get no DMS toolbar.


I've installed this on two different installations and the exact same symptoms occur.


I have Meta Box installed as well (per the instructions) with this activated there are no perceived issues.


I'm pretty disappointed in the fact that I wasted a lot of time trying to fix this.


Hope someone updates and fixes the plug-in - since I now own it....


Let me know if someone fixes it.

- Andrew



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Please provide some info and I will investigate immediately.

Send a link to a page with Testimonials Lud activated, where DMS editor fails. Or (if previous not possible) a screenshot of Developer Tools -> Console tab, where issue is logged.


Which version of testimonials do you use? 3.2.1 is the latest and there should be no problems with it.


With ownership comes support, so please don't waste your time fixing it, just report and provide info, and the issue will be resolved in 24 hours (or less).


professional dms plugins 


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Hey Bestrag,

Thanks for your response. I'm actually working on the server (which might be part of the problem.)

Let me get back to you tomorrow.

I'm hoping my server settings will solve the issue. If so, I'll let you know how we fixed it.

- Andrew

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Plugin "Testimonials Lud DMS" crushes the editor.


How to make it work correct?



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