Selettore Tabs Feature request: Drag other sections into Selettore Tabs

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Hi Enrique, I had an idea for an improvement on your Selettore Tabs section. Would be very cool to have an option to drag other DMS sections into a tab. I played around with the idea using code from the Column section, and I actually got it to work:


Updated code:


See the new feature in action:


In the screencast, I applied the new feature to the 3rd tab, and dragged the iboxes section into it. I think this feature would be awesome to have in the official version of your section. Unfortunately the code that I added is buggy, and my php skills are pretty lacking. The issues are that once you add a new section to the tabs, if you delete it, it likes to reappear mysteriously on the next refresh. Also, if you add more than one section inside the tab, it likes to clone itself a few times when you refresh. Also, I'm not sure why that extra (reverse) checkbox keeps appearing in the tab accordion option at the very bottom. Anyway, I just wanted to show you my idea, and hope that you could improve on it, fix the bugs, and make this awesome section even better.




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Hi Chris,
Sounds good, i will take a look as soon have time and see what can i do.

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Hi Enrique,


chris idea is really great, it would be possible that you expand your plugin? it would be helpful even if you can use the plugin for extracting categories and Articel. now you must always create a page and that extra exclude from the index in order to avoid duplicate content. elSue it has dissolved in the accordions plugin well. 
Tommi greats from Germany

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