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pagelines or plugin(s) updated and now navigation wonky - need help

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Website URL:mangroverealty.com
Framework Version:1.0
WordPress Version:
Plugins in Use: a bunch
Server/Host: godaddy

Details: Over the last month theme or plugins were updated and now the site looks wonky.  The content is all there, but the navigation is showing a really old version.  It looks like I have the correct version of the navigation selected in admin section, but showing something different as the default.  I need help to get this up and running again.  Please help.  You can reach me at [email protected] or 561-385-4548


Thank you, 

David Cohn


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You're using PageLines Framework not DMS, so I have moved your topic to the correct forum. Also, you're using PageLines Framework version 2.4.2, the latest version is 2.4.4, please update to the latest version.


In regards to your issue, you will most likely want to disable all active plugins as your issue is probably caused by one of them.

Another thing is you seem to have added custom code to create a contact form or weather link in your header, using negative margins, you should never use negative margins to position content as they can cause all kinds of issue. If you wish to add something to a specific area you will want to most likely use a hook.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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