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UI ideas

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andylemay    0

Hi Pagelines,


Here are some thoughts and DMS enhancement ideas:

  • I work on quite a big screen 30" apple display and would find it useful to have the DMS config window bigger and at the side rather than at the bottom.
  • In the Custom CSS pane, Can we have an expandable size CSS editing window.  I find this a bit small to work in and scroll around.  Plus DMS seems to lose mouse input sometimes.  Would also be useful here to have some soft of nav ability.  Named custom CSS sections to make it easier to edit.
  • Drag and drop of sections (copy and paste) between multiple DMS editing windows would be useful
  • Less padding as standard.  I'm forever fighting padding with classy-nothing or CSS.  How about tick box or padding selection options for the ALL sections.

Otherwise it's flippin' brilliant guys!





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Danny    1,327

Thanks for the feedback, Ill make sure our developers see them.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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