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Hi there guys, I know I have asked a similar question before, but I just cannot get to the bottom of this. I have tried using firebug, but I am not sure if I am correctly identifying the elements.




I am trying to get rid of the white space between the bottom of the features section and the top of the boxes section.  I identified the full section (holding sidebars and features) as #dynamic content but when I went back into the css from firebug to find and change the padding on it, It said it could not be found.






The site feels very slow to load, not so much in chrome, but slow in firefox and even slower in IE.  Any suggestions as to what I can pull out and slim down in the framework to reduce load times?





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Hello @pondhopper 


Can you please let us know the CSS you have used to try and reduce the white space? 

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I tried adding custom code to #dynamic-content but that didn't work so I have deleted that.  The #dynamic-content section came up in firebug but as soon as I went to edit the css in firebug I couldn't find it in a second search.  I also tried adjusting the bottom padding for all of the features-related items in the rtl.css.

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Sorry didn't mean to hit post yet.  Looking at the source code in chrome developer it looks like it is something to do with the following, but I cannot get to that either.


<div class="fmedia-pad">  


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Hi there,


Looks like that space is coming from two different areas. As you don't have much content in the dynamic content area the gap is displaying as by default the system gives a minimum height for that area. So if you don't have enough content in, as the minimum height is set to 400px there's a gap below. You can remove that by setting the min-hieght to 0. There's also padding in the content pad that you can remove to take it up further.


I've recorded a quick video cast to show you, you can see in firebug where the padding/margins are as when you scroll through the html it shows as a dark blue or yellow.




#site #page, #site #dynamic-content {
    min-height: 0;


.content .content-pad {
    padding-bottom: 0 !important;

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