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Multisite - Global Primary Menu & Theme across EVERY network site

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Website URL: http://membersof.devotivememories.com/

SUBsite URL:http://membersof.devotivememories.com/leigh/ - example site

Framework Version: 1.1.4
WordPress Version: 3.7.1
Plugins in Use: a whole host of plugins by WPMU DEV.
Server/Host: SiteGround


I've downloaded the free Viewer child them of DMS and I am now attempting my very first build of a multi-site of sub blogs. I am trying to do a couple of things:

  1. Have one set theme and layout applied as MANDATORY across the main & all subsites.
  2. Have one primary menu set as standard across all the sites that is permanently fixed by the super admin
  3. Only the secondary menu will be adjusted by each blog owner. 

How do I make a singular DMS child theme that can be set as the default theme for every single blog. No blog owners will have any layout, styling options for their theme, only the super admin.

Questions: How do I lock DMS options down so only the Super Admin can edit the theme?

I'm confused as how to set the master theme within the multisite network.


Thank you.


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Hi Cathie,


Please follow forum policy and have one question per topic, this will help users searching the forums for a similar topic. If there are multiple questions per topic and the topics title isn't related to their query then they will never find the topic.


All your questions minus the lock down DMS to super admin, are all specific to Multisite, therefore you will need to ask these questions on the Wordpress support forums. There may even be plugins which provide this functionality, therefore, I recommend you search the Wordpress plugin repo.


To lockdown the DMS visual editor to a specific user, see our documentation - http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/lockdown-visual-editor

Please search our forums, before posting!

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