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RapidTabs is displaying the wrong excerpt

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I'm not sure when this started becuse a site user noticed it, but in some cases the RapidTabs list items are displaying the wrong excerpt on this site. You can see an example of this as follows:


1. Go to the 'Reviews' category page here: http://www.cinephiled.com/movies/reviews/. Notice that each of the RapidTab excerpts matches the post title and each is unique. 


2. Go to an individual post within the Review category, for example http://www.cinephiled.com/james-lapines-six-sondheim-presents-irresistible-portrait-musical-genius/. Notice that all of the excerpts in RT are now the same and match the excerpt of the article that you are viewing.


Screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s12/sh/f1104dfe-89f9-48c5-8934-cd07f4abf99a/d32b5cc357ee2932b703bdc2c41e71c4



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