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feature images all flash in on page load

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This weekend I upgraded to the latest version of pagelines framework. After that, the features section we have on the homepage began to flashing all four banners upon page load before snapping back to just one. (See screenshot). It was working fine before the update.


I noticed on other threads that large files tend to slow up the page load feature, so I reduced the size (they are all less than 75kb) and tried that, but it still isn't working properly.


The feature carousel is located on the homepage of each language on this site.


Pagelines framework is at the latest update

wordpress is still at 3.5.1

plugins installed include TinyMCE, cforms, post types order, easy columns, WPML, iiRe Social Lite


Thanks for any help.


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Hi Antonella

Only a question

Why are you using an older version of WP ?

The current version is 3.7.1

All your plugin are surely outdated too


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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When I initial loaded your website for the first time, I didn't encounter the issue. However, when I changed language I seen the issue, this is most likely caused by a plugin which is taking forever to load or is related to your server.

I ran a reverse IP check and found that you have 800+ other websites located on your server, this is called Shared Hosting which is cheap hosting. Shared Hosting is cheap web hosting and not recommended for dynamic websites using lots of scripts and plugins. Shared hosting isn't known for its performance either, so if you're worried by your sites performance, I recommend you either:


1. Upgrade your hosting plan/package to something else

2. Switch host to someone like FlyWheel, ZippyKid or WP Engine.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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