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Align Logo?

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I'm new to DMS and just purchased Business Branding yesterday.  I'm trying to get the Logo I placed to align at the top with the branding info text.  I seem to be missing something. 


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,


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jksanford You can give a top margin to the Business Info Lines, it has a default of 10px, so if you need to make it less than that try 0 (no need for pixels), if you need more, try 15 or 20 and work from there to align with logo.


If you want to add a top margin to the logo, put the code below in the Custom LESS/CSS area under the Custom Tab on the DMS Toolbar.

.section-business-branding .bb-business-logo {
margin-top: 10px; /* put the value you need here */

Let me know if that helps.



Ellen Moore

Pagelines Developer

www.elsue.com www.betterdms.com

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I added a -75 to the the info lines margin top and it worked perfectly! I really appreciate the timely response!

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