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remove text in better iboxes

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Hi Aleksander,


Greetings and many thanks for your great section!


One hope tough ... I want to use them like a menu in narrow column.

I have tried resizing but they do not pile up on top of each others.


So I am now inserting them on top of each others with only one ibox per row.

Works very well but ...

... it leaves a lot of space below the image as you can see here.


so ...


- Is there a way of, either customising so I remove that space (I have removed the contents but the space remains)


- Or ... adding one option in 'Select Better iBoxes Media Typewhere we have 'text only, no media' but no 'media only, no text'.


Hope it is not to much asking.


Thanks again and enjoy the week end!




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HI, me again ...

I got something working - not ideal but ok: kust select 'media at left and increase the pic's size'.


But the option would be better of course ... :-)



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and last question for today ... can we have a hoover colour on the pic also? At the moment, it only appears on icon and I have seen the custom css you are giving to change that colour.


Is there a line i could insert in this css to include images as well?


Many thanks again

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