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Viewer Theme Social Bar Icons Not Centering

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I'm having a little trouble getting the icons in the Social Bar section from the Viewer Theme to be centered in the footer on my website.  Here's the link so you can check it out -


According to Chrome and Firefox webdev tools, the menu class is aligning text to center and is not being overridden by any other tag.  


Are the icons supposed to be centered? 


Thanks - Jerrad


P.S. - In case you need to know... here's a little background on how my site and theme is setup.  I am using the DMS Template Theme and the Pagelines Customize plugin to alter my CSS and LESS.  I had a lot of custom stuff in my style.css file in my theme so I decided to add the features of the Viewer theme by moving the Viewer pl-config.json and header.php files to my DMS Template Theme folder, added the functions.php code from the Viewer to my DMS Template Theme functions.php, and then moved the sections over.  The only thing I didn't transfer was the Viewer style.less and style.css files.  

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If you want to center the section, you can do this with the offset option next to where you increase/decrease the sections width.

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I already did that but the icons are not centered in the section itself and it's very noticeable that the icons are not centered on the page. I am 5 icons - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and RSS. I have the Column Width set to 4/12 with an offset of 4. Decreasing the width doesn't help - 3/12 no change, 2/12 is too much pushing RSS to the next line.

Any other advice?



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I finally figured out how to get the social icons in the Viewer theme to be centered in the section. Turned off the float and changed the display from inline to inline-block.  


This is what I added to my custom css if anyone wants to use it.  


.section-socialbar .icons .menu li {
float: none !important;
display: inline-block !important; 

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Hi Jerrad, glad you got it resolved, thank you for posting the solution and updating the thread.

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