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    • ade55
      By ade55
      Was working perfectly now I get this
      Going to roll back wp and see what happens
    • walkeras
      By walkeras
      Hello Everyone,
      I am currently attempting to setup the blog site and have the following issue:
      Website URL: http://blog.nquav.com.au
      Framework Version: 2.1.5
      Wordpress Version: 3.9.2
      Server/Host: Dreamhost
      Section: Post Pins
      Details: I have each of the menus setup as a link to a category, ideally I would like each page to show the Post Pins with only that categories posts on each page. I have configured the pages handling to "LOCAL" and created a template for each category (so each link in the menu opens a new page that has had a template named after the category, and each page has been set to "LOCAL" page handling).
      I have set the "Pins Category/Posts Mode" to be the same as the page title (there are 4 categories). But I cannot get post pins to be set to a different Category on each page (every time I go to check on the other page, it is set to the same category in the Post Pins Section). If anyone knows how to make each category page display only the category it is meant to in the Post Pins Section, that would be awesome!
    • MissT
      By MissT+
      Hi there,
      Is it possible to restrict Post Pins to a custom post type? You can select a category but it would also be really useful to restrict it to a custom post type.
      Many thanks in advance!
    • pazyluz
      By pazyluz+
      1. I have parts of a blog here:  www.clearheartcoaching.com/blog
      and the old blog videos here:  clearheartcoaching.wordpress.com
      I'd like to have everything here:  peggygreen.net/blog
      but I dont want it to look like crap.  Is there an easy way to move all these things over while maintaining the look?  Or wd it be easier to just upload everything from scratch?
      2.  I have post pins on my old platform pro site:  www.clearheartcoaching.com/blog
       I'd like to keep them in DMS.  How can I do that?
    • janetravis
      By janetravis