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Image Meta Stripped from Highlights Section

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Hi there,


Doing some on-site seo improvements to my site and having issues with the image alt and title tags being stripped from the highlight sections.


An example of the highlight section in use:




The site uses of child theme on pagelines 2.4.4 (wordpress 3.7.1). We have the SEO Ultimate plugin installed, as well as the 'Restore Image Title' plugin to reverse meta being stripped from post images. Neither appear to make a difference on the highlight section.


Is there a string of code I could put into the highlight template file to fix this, or another suggestion?


Let me know if more info is needed. Thanks!



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All PageLines core sections store the image as a URL, when you upload the image, the URL is saved as an option, just the URL. The image meta you add in wordpress admin is not used.


If you want to use images with meta etc, you will have to add them to your post area like a normal post.


For sections to pull attachment extra info it would take 2 db queries per image, thats why we dont do it.

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Ok, thanks. Good to know.


I went ahead and hard coded an img alt and title to the highlight template file. If a dynamic solution is found for this, please let me know. I would definitely like the meta to be a bit more tailored for such a predominant image on the page.


Thank you!



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