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text box keeps duplicating

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studio12    0

I created a Branding Area via the tutorial. Now every time I insert a new text box, the social media icons are also there. How do I get rid of the social media icons in new text boxes, but keep them in the text box in my branding area?  


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Danny    1,327



The TextBox will only display the same content as the previous TextBox if you're cloning it. I have just added some random HTML into a textbox with some inline styling. When I clone the TextBox I get the same repeated. However, when I drag and drop a new TextBox to my template, I have the standard message:


Textbox Section
Add Content!
Also, are you using the latest version of DMS ?

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studio12    0

Same thing is happening with my MediaBox's as is with TextBoxes. Yes, I updated to latest version of DMS. When I go to edit them all the fields are blank but there are still past/duplicate images there.


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