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Removing exra height on sections

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I have sections where I am getting extra space on the bottoms and tops of content and its not padding or margin.  When I hover I just see that the box is bigger than the content and I am not sure how to change this as it seems to be calculated.  Does anyone know how do I remove spacing like in this image?



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Can you provide a link to the page in question please.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • russe-intensif
      By russe-intensif+
      Hi team,
      checking my site today, i'm surprised to see my MegaNav all in bottom of the pages, while it's in header.
      After getting to change it in couple of pages onto Template part (too time consuming !), i'm desperate and ask you for help :-)
      Thank you in advance !

    • JawDesigns
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      Hi to all,
      I always have this problem and I'm unhappy with the fix I usually apply for aligning columns at the bottom (see attached).
      For example: I use two text boxes side by side. Both text columns have a background colour. Text column 1 has 200 words and text column 2 has 300 words.
      How do I easily get them to align at the bottom without using a min-height declaration? I want to get text column 1 with 200 words to fit the height of text column 2 if that makes sense?
      Thanks for any help on this!

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      Another simple question, I'm sure. Just too much space under my nav bar on home page (right at top, below my banner)....    it's the space under the nav bar, and above my "template" which isn't really a template anymore, but 3 columns. How to remove the space? Please view at devorakalma.com
      Thank You,
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      Hello to all DMS users and support people!
      I'm having this issue trying to remove the blank space at the bottom part of each section (PLEASE SEE THE IMAGE).
      Image/Screeshot link: http://pho.to/7EDMB
      I have tried selecting the padding to be '0', but no luck.
      Any suggestions? Help is much appreciated.
      Just in case you want to see the live site (currently being finished): http://mostrespectedagents.net/
      P.S.: I am using DMS Pro version
    • photomom86
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      I've attached a screen shot. I have 2 columns in my header area. One has a media box (contains my logo) the other has a simplenav and a mediabox (contains the social media icons and a google ad). Under these two columns my nav bar sits. There is a lot of extra space between the bottom of my columns and the top of my navbar.
      Can you help me? I want to decrease the amount of space between the two. Thanks!
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