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Add text to branding area

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Hi Everyone,


I followed the documentation on creating the branding area in the docs section, had no issues and it looks great, however I want to add 2 lines of text below the branding icons.


Figured this would be easy just add the text to the text box and be done, but any time I refresh the page I lose the text, I have tried adding it to the <ul> list, to the div below the div, but I can't figure it out.


I tried adding another text box below and using the padding shortcode 0px 0px to reduce the padding but I either did it wrong or it didn't work as the spacing between the two text boxes is rather large.


Can someone help me figure out how to add the following two lines below the branding icons:


Toll Free: ##### Local: ####

Serving York Region & Surrounding Areas


It would be much appreciated. 

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Can you provide a link and also explain how you're adding the text please. As you may be encountering a minor, but annoying little bug (which has already been fixed and will be applied in an upcoming patch).


To test if you're encountering this bug, do the following which is sort of like a band aid until the patch is available.


1. Add your text to your section for your Toll Free Local info.

2. Then move your mouse cursor to an different area or on a different option and then click on that area or option, this should trigger the Saving spinning indicator next to the publish button.


The text should now be saved correctly.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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