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How to change global site colors

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studio12    0

I'm stumped on how to change the global site colors on my DMS site. My overall site color (around the edges, top, bottom) is now white (default I think), but I would like to change it.  -thanks

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jmad+    80

Under the global settings did you set your colors?



Background Base Color 
Text Base Color 
Link Base Color 

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jmad+    80

I get a 404 page on the link you provided.

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Danny    1,327

Same here 404, can you provide the link to where the media box is please.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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jmad+    80
In your CSS Add the code below.  Then use c-lightblue-sec or c-darkbule-sec in you media box styling classes area.  For colors you can change the @lightblue or @darkblue values#f4f9fa to anything you want or rename the colors and then reference them with @yourcolorgoes here.
/* custom colors */
@lightblue: #f4f9fa;//really light blue
@darkblue: #3d93a4;//darker blue
/* light section background */
.c-lightblue-sec {
  background-color: @lightblue;
/* dark section background */
.c-darkblue-sec {
  background-color: @darkblue;



Or you could do


/* media box background */


background-color: #f4f9fa;



the in your styling class reference your-custom-name

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