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Different footer on different pages ** SOLUTION**

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I remember seeing a post from someone wanting to have a different footer on another page. Well I had someone request the same thing and I ran across the solution totally by accident and I want to share it. This might not be the section for it so it might get moved. First you are going to need 2 plugins Sidebar manager which is suggested by pagelines in use with multiple side bar and custom widget areas (paid)  there might be another plugin you can use but this is what I use and have been using for 2 years now.


On to the procedure  once you have them both installed you first want to go to Sidebar Manager and make another footer area .


Sidebar title  -- should say  something like footer sidebar


Leave the the replace section set to -- primary and put something for the description .


Now go to the appearance>widgets and add  4 widget items or how many you want to use. Now go to DMS front end and I am assuming you have the widgetizer in the footer. Go into the options and select Footer as your sidebar. 


Save and refresh.


Now go into the CWA settings (custom widget areas)  and add a custom area and call it second footer or something to help you now what it is for and choose a postion--- select footer from the drop down and hit publish. After hitting publish it should take you to a page where you can drag widgets into the area choose the same number of widgets as the main footer sidebar or swap one out that you don’t want showing on a particular page. Hit publish and you are done.


Now for the final step create or edit a post or page and you shall see a new section under the text area called page sidebars select your second footer and publish.


You can see the result on my test site Footer and second footer.




When the site goes live the link will not work so I will try and update this with live site links.


Hope this helps someone. Sorry if I left out a step.


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Thanks for sharing.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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