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Facebook & twitter link doesn't work

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I did put the full link, same thing happens,

I tried both before posting

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It worked, I dunno what I did different,



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I am having the same problem, but my problem is not going away. On http://er4gadgets.com, the Facebook link in the branding area (header) is the page url the <p> then the facebook URL, then </p>. the Google+ URL works fine. I do not know why the page URL and the paragraph markup is being added to the link behind th facebook icon. The developer has disappeared so I cannot get the pro activation key or access to that account to create my own thread...sorry. Could use some help. Thanks!

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      Love this plug-in!
      A snap to use.
      the only issue is on our team page:
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      1) Please have 'color' options have a default value of '' so that I can choose to not have any background or border coloring (without custom code)
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      Hi Enrique,
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