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Flatten-Theme chaos!

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Hi guys, i recently bought the flatten theme, becuase of the nice features und the good look.


Well, since i have installed and tryed it on multiple domains, im not very happy with it. 


The paralax section doesent work right. Pictures are not shown correctly (yes, i have a 2x bigger picture and using Full-HD Monitor).  And my Background Picture is bugging. 


I cant upload pictures with more then 500kb size with the DMS tool and the DMS dont take my normal Media-Gallery pictures from Wordpress. why? it is really anoying...


Worst thing: My custom code and amazon simple admin plugin dont work anymore. Why does my Custom CSS dont work anymore? I mean i had gradient and shadows etc. but now i dont see anything after installing the theme. The code is still there, but it dont changes the design.



I use the latest version of Wordpress and DMS.


I recently have tried to improve my pagespeed with some plugins, but those tools crashed my design, so i uninstalled them. I have the same plugins as before. So why is this happening?


Help me to help you to help me. Ill answere all questions.


Thanks in advance! :)



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James B

Moved thread into the store products forum so the developer can advise directly for you

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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1.- The parallax images needs to be about 2000x600 px.


2.- The image size is restricted by the DMS API no for Flatten as well the media gallery selection. ( I will increment the default value)


3.- When you say: "My custom code and amazon simple admin plugin dont work anymore" when this worked? in another theme??


4.- You say: "I have the same plugins as before. So why is this happening?" before when? using another theme too?


For the screenshot the editor looks like is screw up so,


Do you see any JavaScript error in the console?

You you try just with DMS and see the same editor issues?

There is public URL that i can see?




Enrique Chavez - Premium DMS Themes, Sections and Plugins.


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My parallax is 1152 x 566 px.


I just solved one problem with the amazon simple admin. looks like an update or something deleted my custom templated. i just checked it on filezilla. 


But my custom code still doesent work.


My background ist alright now. Maybe it tooks some time to apply this on the server. i dont know. My custom code worked untill i have installed the flatten-theme. 


url is: http://blurayplayertest.tv/

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