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Lose Simple Nav & correct Copyright date when logged out

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Website URL:  http://test.gowebgomobile.com

Framework Version:1.1.3
WordPress Version:  3.7.1
Plugins in Use: attached in debug file
Server/Host: linux
Screenshots: attached


I have just finished a site but the issue is that the simple nav and copyright dates are different (incorrect when I log out).


I had the same issue with the Pricing Tables reverting to template when logged out but the fix for that (from James B. ) won't work for this as he added extra section/content to pricing page and it then worked when logged out. I can't do this to menu or copyright sections.


This is the simple nav (displaying main menu in footer not footer menu - as selected and displayed when logged in) and the copyright notice is displaying the wrong date (unless logged in). When logged in, even when the preview is disabled, I get the correct info, as soon as I log out, it goes back to being incorrect.


Anyone else getting issues when logged out? Any ideas how to fix this?


Thanks for any help

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I am unable to replicate your issue, when I assign a menu to the Simple Nav section which is added to the Footer, when I logout the same menu is displayed. Therefore, it is most likely an issue where you're not publishing your changes or you have a plugin causing a conflict.


I recommend you check to see that these changes have been publish and if so, disable all active plugins except for DMS Pro Tools.


In regards to your copyright information, how have you added it to your site ?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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