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Getting an Error Message in Pagelines Framework when trying to sign in to pagelines

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efschilling    1

I have the latest verson of pagelines.


Here's the error:


Fatal error: Call to undefined method W3_Plugin_TotalCacheAdmin::flush_all() in /home/drschill/public_html/wp-content/themes/pagelines/includes/class.render.css.phpon line 671


I'm just trying to sign into pageslines via the site. Can we do this anymore and have access to downloads?





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Danny    1,327



When you say you're trying to sign in to PageLines via the site, are you referring to your account panel in the PageLines Framework Dashboard ?

If so, there is no longer any need to do so, as PageLines Framework has become an open source product due to the release of PageLines DMS. The store for PageLines Framework has been discontinued as all the store developers have moved onto developing DMS products.

If you're trying to access your previously purchased products, you will need to contact our helpdesk who will be able to assist you - hello at pagelines dot com.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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