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split slider having issues displaying and won't update

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I have  a couple of issues going on with a split slider


The first is I can't get it to update. When I do go through the update process, it seems like it works but when I go back to the plugins page its the same message telling me to get the new version 1.8


And probably tied to that is the other issue. When I'm in preview mode and building the DMS site, the split slider doesn't display correctly and doesn't update with the images I'm using, its always see through on the DMS preview.


And then in the actual site, its displaying the demo content images but not the items I've designated.


I do not have an caching plugins on or installed on this site.







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hi. I was able to get it to update but I'm still having an issue getting it to update with the images I load up.


and I think its a dms thing but I don't know.


I can't get any images I choose from the media library to load.


if I reupload an image into the slide it will work.


in theory should this work with the ability to choose from the media library. should I be pasting in full urls and publishing that way?


also, my preview area has issues. its either showing no image or just a little.


preview is on the left




I appreciate any help.



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Okay good.

The image select bug is related to DMS. I know that it is a confirmed bug, so this will be fixed soon hopefully.

I do not understand what the issue is with the preview area. Looks like you need to flush your LESS cache. Settings -> Resets -> Flush cache

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I flsuhed the cashe and did a global reset as well while I was there.


its still not showing a preview though. I've attached a screen shot of how it looks. The demo text that animates in goes flying off the page when it leaves. I don't know if thats normal.



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