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Using the Inspect Element Function

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I'm new to building a webpage so please excuse my ignorance.  I chose Pagelines because it looks to be a way for someone like me, with literally no idea how to write a single line of code, to build a decent webpage.  I did figure out that if I right click on something, I can select "inspect element".  This was a huge win because it allows even someone like me to change basic attributes like text size.  


The problem i have is, after I change something like text size, it does not save.  I will see the font size change on the screen, but then when I do the refresh, it goes back to the original setting.


Is there something I need to press to save the changes I make, before I hit the refresh button?  Any help you can give would sure help this newbie out.






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Hi Dan,


These tools are built into your browser and allow you to make changes to any website on the fly. However, these changes are not permanent and only you can see them, if you refresh your page the changes will be lost. These tools are supposed to change your website otherwise anyone could change the look of any site without the owners permission.


The browser tools are there so that you can make these changes on the fly and see how they work/look. Then you can add these changes to your websites stylesheet(s).


I highly recommend you check out the free online course/interactive tutorial by Code School, its awesome and will give you a great understanding of the tools.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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