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minimum slides - maximum slides - # slides to move

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Hi there,


I am learning to use cool carousel and do not understand one feature. Can you help?


1. The box:

 Min # of Slides to be Shown

Determines the number of pics that are visible live.


And I am not sure what  'Max # of Slides to be Shown'  does ???



2. But my real problem is that i want to have 5 slides visible but only three to move.


At the moment, the only thing that seems possible is to move the entire number of visible slides because Slides to Move each Transition  must be >= to   Min # of Slides to be Shown


I do not really understand why three options if only one seems to determine the behaviour of the slider ... i must be missing something there ...


Thanks for your help.


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TourKick (Clifford P)

Thanks for your purchase and your detailed question.




I agree it wasn't the most straight-forward UX. Sorry about that. Here's the way the script works:

- if there's no slideWidth value, there will just be 1 slide displayed no matter your min/max. This is why the options default the slide width to 2000px (an arbitrary number I picked, since the slider is responsive anyway).

- if there's a min but no max, still just 1 slide will be shown

- if: slideWidth = 100px, minSlides = 3, maxSlides = 5 and there are 7 total slides, it'll look like this:

http://screencast.com/t/YcghjbhB4g8D and http://screencast.com/t/1uvjoxdRpYF

- however, if you have min=3, max=5, but do not manually change the 2000px to '100' or whatever size you wish, instead, you'll see this:


which shows the minSlides in effect but the max=5 doesn't take effect because 3 * 2000 = 6000px, which is bigger than the monitor/display area of the page.


In summary, for maxSlides to be anything different from minSlides, you'll also need to reduce the slideWidth value.

The minSlides option is always in effect, even on small screens. The maxSlides option is only conditionally in effect.



Yes, this is possible with the script, but I had the options limiting the moveSlides to be >= minSlides.

I have updated the section to allow your desired scenario. You should eventually see an update in wp-admin.

moveSlides can now be less than minSlides, but it still cannot be greater than maxSlides.

I have also added help text to maxSlides suggesting you also take a look at slideWidth if setting maxSlides option.



Thank you for helping Cool Carousel get better.

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Great, thanks - got it!


Just got the update - many thanks!

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TourKick (Clifford P)

Thanks for letting me know it's working for you. :-)

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