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Ultimate Social - Email

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Hi. I'm using your Ultimate Social plugin. Thanks for all the hard work you do - I use a number of your plugins with DMS sites.


My question is this: the email button does not appear to be configurable. Right now, when you click the email button it launches the email client and fills in the email body with


Check this out: 


followed by the url of the site the button appears on.


To my mind, I expect an email button on a website to launch the email client and fill in the To: field with whatever email I want my customers to email me at. ie: [email protected]


Is the email button configurable?

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That's not the way it's working for me. I've attached a screenshot of the email as it is launched when clicking the ultimate social email button. As you can see, it is not filling in the 'To:' field at all. Rather, it is filling in the body of the email with 'Check this out: http://www.dom.box9design.org/' as I stated above.


Where are the words "Check this out" coming from?


Can you send me a link where this feature is working as intended?


I would go to http://playground.ahansson.com - but that is a dead link.



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      Hi Aleksander,
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