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    • marshallsolutions
      By marshallsolutions
    • FRevi
      By FRevi+
      Looks like Platform 5 is not compatible with Ubermenu 3.2.3 (latest). I realize you can't accommodate every plugin, but this one is worth taking a look at and if possible making P5 compatible with it. Ubermenu made a special section for DMS2. I've asked them to make one for P5. My sites rely on both, and it's all about me, isn't it. ;-)
    • FRevi
      By FRevi+
      It took me a long time to figure this out so I thought I'd share my experience. Maybe someone can verify or benefit.
      NextGen is a popular gallery plugin. With the Plus or Pro versions, which have features you need, there is a second plugin called NextGen Pro.
      With NextGen Pro activated, you can't add DMS sections, the DMS2 GUI just doesn't let you drag them. However, you can work with the sections that are already on the page.
      With NextGen Pro DE-activated, its functionality breaks but you can add sections (e.g., ones containing the galleries you're creating). 
      Bottom line, workflow is
      - leave the regular NextGen plugin activated
      - deactivate the NextGen Pro plugin to add DMS2 sections
      - reactivate the NextGen Pro plugin to configure your galleries and publish the site
      Hope this helps.
    • Mark_Hazeldine
      By Mark_Hazeldine
      I recently upgraded Wordpress to 4.0.1 and DMS to the latest version. I also updated to the latest incarnation of the NextGEN Pro product, but now, having done all these changes, I don't see anything but white background on my home page, instead of a nice pro slideshow gallery.
      I contacted NextGEN and they said:
      "I'd strongly suggest contacting the developer of the Theme in case they could look into this sooner for you. I'd suggest you or they look into any conflicting code in theme functions, possible JQuery or Javascript, or checking to confirm that the footer is called in the footer.php:

      Has the call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> added directly before </body>"
      Is anyone able to help?
      Thanks, Mark
    • spifferoony
      By spifferoony
      I inherited our website admin duties when our web design company went out of business, so I apologize in advance for my lack of technical expertise.  The NextGen Gallery is not loading in our carousel section on one of our pages.  It has been deactivated and reactivated but it still doesn't work.  I see this message:  "The plugin for the selected carousel mode (NextGen-Gallery or FlickrRSS) needs to be installed and activated." 
      Page link:  http://www.coastalintlconstruction.com/portfolio/
      Help..??  Anyone..?