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    • balfred1345
      By balfred1345
      I'd like to make Scroll Nav look better on various screen sizes. Right now it breaks unevenly, and leaves a chunk of background where the tabs used to be. Looks unprofessional. To know what I mean, please see the screenshot:  http://screencast.com/t/bxUYtpr1jE4
      I've attempted to target Scroll Nav w/ CSS in Custom Styling Classes. The class I put in to this box, subnav-res, doesn't show up when I check w/ Firebug.
      Can you tell me how to correctly target Scroll Nav w/ CSS so I can clean it up with some media queries?
      Thanks very much,
    • janpeeters
      By janpeeters
      I'm using the Scroll Nav extension on lovo.nu. It works mostly great but in Safari 9.0.1 it jumps too high when it sticks. Firefox and Chrome latest versions work just fine in the current setup.
      So I'm wondering if the developer of the plugin is around to give me a clue as to how to fix this? I've thought of using the CSS Classes of the Pagelines Pro plugin but couldn't find a way to get it working.
      Thanks for any suggestions.


    • jeremykirke
      By jeremykirke+
      Hi @bestrag
      I just installed Scroll Nav on a site at: http://apt.jckwebdesign.co.uk/alterra-and-pravada-1/ and I can't figure out how to remove the word "Title" from the top of the nav.
      It's probably something really obvious but it's driving me crazy. 
      Great plugin by the way....
    • FrauAnna
      By FrauAnna+
      I need some help with scoll nav used in the boxed layout.
      Please find attachend two screenshots.
      If I use "center" or "center fixed" I have the problem that it is always full width and not content/boxed width.
      Additionally the page content is covered. It should be top aligned an just content width.
      And if I use the "left fixed" version the buttons again cover my content.
      Is there a way to make them small.
      Thanks for helping in advance!
    • Jarrod H
      By Jarrod H
      So the menu is working great from top to bottom.  But having issues going from bottom to top via menu.
      This is the site im working on.  http://westrockwakepark.com/
      For example.....
      Choosing Pricing scrolls down like a champ.  But then choose About and it comes to the bottom of the title section.  Is there a setting im missing to adjust that?