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my "Pageline section control" not showing on pages or posts

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hi guys,


I am new at wordpress and page line. 


I wanted to be able to remove the sidebar so that the page/post has fullwidth display - at one point, I could select 'full width layout' from the general page setup tab as well as specifically select 'hide sidebar' from the 'pageline section control'. 


I am not sure what happened (an update?) but now, I no longer see the 'page line section control' when I select add new page or post PLUS selecting full width layout does NOT hide the sidebar. 


I assume this means that side bar can be removed using the 'page line section control' which is no longer there. 


I already tried selecting 'screen options' at the top to see if somehow I could select 'page line section control' but it does not appear there either.  I went back to the old pages and it appears there. but not for new pages. 


any idea of what is going on?




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Hi Nada,


Can you provide a link to your site, as well screenshots of your the areas you mention above please. So we can get a better understanding.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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