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Section Overflowing Column Confines

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I am having this issue where a section (containing a border) within a column (containing a background image) is overflowing past the end of the right column side by 5-10px creating the issue seen in the screenshot.


I found that when I delete the width declaration from the CSS element:


.row .span12, .row-fluid .span12, .editor-row .span12


The problem is fixed in that the right border for the section is contained within the confines of the column. Editing the above CSS element, however doesn't feel like the logical or correct fix to this issue I am experiencing.


Is there another solution to this issue I am experiencing?

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Is anybody there today?

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You can close this topic. I figured out the solution. Thank you.

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Thanks for informing us the issue has been resolved, we appreciate it.


Also, I couldn't see your image, as it was no longer available. However, when adding borders you need to be careful as they can knock your layout out of sync. I would suggest using box-shadow over borders as these will not screw up your layout.


You could also use the outline property such as outline: 2px solid black;

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