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Scrollspy broken in 1.1.2?

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The good news: I've got Scrollspy setup on a page that I made prior to updating to 1.1.1 which works.


The bad news: I'm attempting to put Scrollspy on a page now (I'm on 1.1.2) and it does not work.


I've tried it with all plugins off, no change. 


I've had so many weird problems with DMS 1.1.x  This is costing me so much time and money... very frustrating.


In any case, help to fix this would be greatly appreciated. 






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Hi Bruce,

I don't see the ScrollSpy section on any of those sites you linked. Also, I have just added ScrollSpy to my test site running 1.1.2 and ScrollSpy works perfectly fine.

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Danny Thanks for taking a look.

I'm eating crow right about now.

I was certain that I'd put the correct code in for Scroll Spy. Which I did. And then beat my head against the wall wondering why it didn't work. But I forgot to put in the Scroll Spy section. Geez. 

Anyway, maybe my stupid mistake will help someone else who puts in the html, but forgets to put the actual section in.

Thanks again for getting back to me. 

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Hello Balfred1345 


Thanks for letting us know and i'm sure this post will be helpful for someone in the future. 

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Danny Thanks for taking a look.

But I forgot to put in the Scroll Spy section. Geez. 


LoL, I've done that before.

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