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Pages, Mobile and link shortening

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I just bought the Ultimate social and have 2 problems and one issue.




1) I do not want it to show on Pages -- how can I do this? I see no options.


2) On mobile devices it needs disabling -- it covers up text and makes pages & posts useless.



3) It would be nice to be able ti use a link shortner for Twitter. Is this possible?
If the 2 issues can not be resolves, can I get my money back?

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Hi Greg,

Hav you looked in the sections panel?


What kind of implemention are you using? Shortcode? Section? Floating? Settings Panel?

We need to add some custom LESS/CSS in order for you to achieve what you want but it is around 6 lines and I can help you with that :)

If you have it online, please provide me with a link. If not a screenshot would be enough.


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I had to turn it off -- because of those issues.


I should have been more specific -- it is the floating panel, that seems to default to the left.

I like that, but only want it on blog post pages and not mobile, as it make the page unreadable.


I do not do LESS/CSS [so 6 or 100 lines make no difference tom me;;-)] and have no time to learn ... so any help would be most welcome.



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Thanks Alek,


How about hiding it on pages and keeping it visible on posts?

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