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widget slideshow feature?

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I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the type of slideshow is that is being used in the bottom widget (?) of this blog/business? 


I would like to use this and this page looks like a DMS set-up.  Ideas?


Thanks in advance.


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Thank you very much for your help.

Greatly appreciated and very prompt! 

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Thanks for informing us your question has been resolved.

Aires Thanks!

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • flourishdesignstudio
      By flourishdesignstudio+
      Hello! I'd like to find a way to have a full width section that I can have a slideshow as a background. I see that DMS allows you to place video in the background of a full-width section. Is therea way to have the same effect with a slideshow?
      Thanks for the help!
    • Mark_Hazeldine
      By Mark_Hazeldine
      I recently upgraded Wordpress to 4.0.1 and DMS to the latest version. I also updated to the latest incarnation of the NextGEN Pro product, but now, having done all these changes, I don't see anything but white background on my home page, instead of a nice pro slideshow gallery.
      I contacted NextGEN and they said:
      "I'd strongly suggest contacting the developer of the Theme in case they could look into this sooner for you. I'd suggest you or they look into any conflicting code in theme functions, possible JQuery or Javascript, or checking to confirm that the footer is called in the footer.php:

      Has the call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> added directly before </body>"
      Is anyone able to help?
      Thanks, Mark
    • WebEditor
      By WebEditor
      I have a little problem. Using the NavBar Menu over the Quickslider, the dropdown pages of the Menu go under the Slider. And with this knd of NavBar it's not possible to open the main page of the dropdown clicking on it (for example if the dropdown menu is  Water>Waterfall, I can't open the page Water, but just Waterfall). 
      Is there any css to make the dropdown before the Quickslider?
      Thank you very much :)
    • chesleyn
      By chesleyn
      I've created a responsive full screen background that cycles through background images, as well as through slides in the center of the main column on the homepage.
      To do this, I wrote some jquery that removes the supersized background on the home page only (which is working), and included some markup for a slideshow to work on the home page. You can see the markup in <div id="background"> just after the body tag. In the header is the 'cycle2.js' script (I'm using cycle2 by Malsup). 
      I have this all working here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/comra5j
      But, for some reason, incorporating it into my pagelines site is not working (it is the exact copy of my provided example)—and there don't seem to be any conflicts with jquery or any errors in the inspector.
      Hoping someone can shed some light as to how I might debug this issue.
    • akakjb
      By akakjb
      I love the options in your framework - great variety - great tools. I have one suggestion that would really take it through the roof. Please adjust one of your slideshows (quickslider, features etc.) to play videos and responsively stop when the video is played. Right now, quickslider stops with interaction but won't play videos; and features plays videos but won't stop with interaction. I would really love this feature. 

      Pretty please,