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Few Issue - Featured Images Placement / Remove Date&Time Stamp / Faster Load Speed

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Website URL:
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WordPress Version: Latest
Plugins in Use: Akismet, Authorsure, broken link checker, dms tools, google xml, login lockdown, seo friendly images, seo search tagging, sharethis, slick social share, w3 total cache, wordpress seo by yeost.

Featured Images :


The featured images seem to be on top, can i make it below the title and also can we set the size ? it seem too big or too long.
This should be the same on pages as well as on posts.

Date&Time Stamp:
Can we remove the date & Time stamp on all the content/post loop in the home page, as well as indivisual page of the post.



Faster Load Time:
The website seem to load quite slow.
Tested on ping dom 6.11 second to load 1.3mb
Hopefully to be able to reduce to 1 second.

There is a part need to edit wp-config, but i not sure where to find wp-config, can't find in the editor though.



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The Featured Image option "On Top" uses the full size image, therefore the size of the image is resized depending on your content area width. If you want to resize the image to something smaller you can either use custom CSS to set the width/height or use one of the the other thumbnail position options such as Left Justified, Left, in Excerpt or Right, in Excerpt.


You can add/remove different meta info from your posts, by adding your own, you can see different options here -

If you wish to remove all info, add the following into the field like I have done in the image above -  


In regards to your sites loading speed, this is dependent on a number of factors, for example, you appear to be using Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting is cheap hosting, where the host populates the server with lots of domains, when I ran a reverse IP check on your domain, there were over 100 other websites sharing the same server resources as your domain.

Although, this isn't the largest volume of sites on one server (we've seen over 1000 websites all on one server). Shared Hosting isn't known for its performance. You can improve this by using a CDN, Lazy Load plugin, Cache plugin and optimising your images (featured images shouldn't really be over 100kb imo). These will only improve on your poor hosting, if you want a site that performs well, then you best move from shared hosting to a well respected host such as:



WP Engine



Also, you have 98 http requests (plugins, scripts) and a page size of 1.3mb, to be honest your page load time isn't that bad considering. However, moving from shared hosting, using a CDN and cache plugin will improve this greatly, especially moving from shared hosting.


Another thing to note, is that cache plugins need to be configured correctly, they do not work by simply activating them, they need to be configured and configured correctly.

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Hi Danny,

Thanks for your reply, however more information is need from you .

For the Cache Plugin , can you share more about the setting so that we could speed up the thing ? 
I just install a CDN Plugin - JsDelivr CDN, it's seem that the setting , there is only 1 thing i could improve on .


Update: After install CDN, my editer keep on loading and doesn't load to the page. Which mean the plugin itself is clashing with the pagelines Theme. Probably advice on the CDN plugin.

And please kindly advice on the configuration for w3 cache. It seem that most of the request came from the theme itself. 
As for the hosting issue, the 108 website are all ours . Actually there is only 54, because 54 came with www. and 54 came without www. 
I assume they are the same, as they only take up 1 server space. And Most of the website are usually 1 pager. 
So you can actually assume that we got our own network. 

I had other website that hosted with Pagelines DMS, seem to load very well, slightly faster. 
However only on this site. It seem to be very slow. 

Do let me know the configuration. 

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Cache plugins are setup per theme, they're setup to how your server is setup. So I can't provide any instructions as its configuration is related to your server setup.

There are guides on how to configure a cache plugin which you can find here:


In regards to your CDN, I haven't used that plugin before. If you're having difficulty setting one up, I would recommend you contact the plugin author. However, I would recommend MaxCDN, as (if my memory servers me well) there is a setting in W3 Total Cache for it.

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