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    • chuckrose1
      By chuckrose1
      I am using a MP4 video as the background in a Canvas Area. In Chrome, on pageLoad, the top of the video is placed approx. 50% from the top of the container. If you resize the browser by as much as 1 px, the problem resolves and the video displays normally.
      I have turned off all plug ins, but still have the same issue.
      I have also tried all the options for scrolling effects and sizing to no avail.
      I removed this from my client site, http://www.adsperity.com, but have set up the same situation, with the same results, on a different server. You can find it here:
      Any ideas on what is causing this and how to resolve it?
      Please find the attached screen shot and particulars below.
      Website URL: http://www.chuckrose1.com/wordpress
      Framework Version: DMS 2
      WordPress Version: 4
      Plugins in Use: All have been turned off.
      Screenshots: See attached
      Details: See above
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