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Hint: (Possibly) use your V2 sections in DMS

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This is a tricky one. It may break your site, slow it down, the sun might never rise again, the magnetic field of the earth might reverse, in other ways… USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


A while ago I noticed that the Anything Boxes section (that I purchased in the V2 store) was still available in my DMS sections after I upgraded the site to DMS. For me it was mind boggling because Anything Boxes was not yet upgraded to DMS nor available in the store. The developer of the plugin Adam Munns also didn't understand it. Today I realized what happened.


The construction of the DMS plugins is probably still is a bit similar to the structure of the V2 plugins. Most likely without all the optimizations that DMS has undergone.


I've also noticed that there are check boxes in the sections option with 'undefined' after is. So not everything is translated to the new architecture. But it works on my site I've decided to just use it for now. Didn't notice a slowdown or worse.


So if your desperate that your beloved V2 plugin is not yet updated to DMS you could give this a try.

Again... at your own risk. 



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