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    • g00m
      By g00m
      I've just begun experimenting with DMS, and I've got a colleague who will be floored by it. What's my "karma link"?
    • hibbsy78
      By hibbsy78+
      Just installed PostPins using my Karma points and love it! Worth getting those karma points!
      Happy designing!
    • nucleusmedia
      By nucleusmedia
      Hi there,
      I have a friend of mine who I sent my referral link to the other day to signup for DMS. Is the Karma system currently working for referrals? I have his order number if you need it in a PM.
    • nfp1900
      By nfp1900
      The 1.0.1 update puts the loyalty points system into the account settings, what's to stop a clint tinkering and spending my points in the store. In some cases I don't want to lock the editor but there should be a way of hiding the account activation details
    • PaulM