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Infinite scroll page has White Horizontal lines

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I've created an infinite scroll style website,

I'm using video background plugin which

works a dream but there are 1 pixel wide

horizontal lines running across each of the

sections I have placed into the page.

How do I remove them ?






The website is on a 404, if you require 

access I can send wp-login.

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That looks as though its CSS border or a <hr> tag. To remove this, you will want to inspect the element and then use custom CSS to remove it.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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No problem.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Woah! I'm just curious as to how you got infinite scrolling to work in the first place. I've been unsuccessful. 

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Please create your own topic for this and we can help.

The answer to many issues can be found by searching in the forum before posting as someone else  may very well have had the same problem before you have.  Also, reading the documentation can help you gain a good understanding of how everything works. 


Please do not send me private messages. Occam's razor - The principle states "Keep things simple!"

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      Hello there,
      We are still using DMS 2 and were wondering if it was at all compatible with slider revolution. (https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380). Our issue is that the default revslider for DMS clips the top and sides of videos when made responsive. As the video is made smaller or larger the bottom of it tends to be cut off, or the sides are. We noticed slider revolution was 100% responsive, but have had numerous issues even getting it to display in DMS 2. We have tried using the shortcode, and various php scripts to no avail. Our last attempt was to try and load it with header scripts, but at this point we seem to be further away than ever. 
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      I just went live with this site. http://bikenet.org/
      I can see the video background in Firefox, Chrome and IE on my computer as well as my husband's computer and my phone. So I am not able to see any problem. 
      But, my client says she cannot see the video background in Chrome?? Any ideas? 
      Let me know. Thanks!
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      Hi, i'm trying to get the hover background to be completely transparent.  The closest i've gotten so far is using a 75% opacity grey box I made in photoshop and set that as a background-image:
      .jgHover figure {
        background-image: url("...");
      but that only changed one of the hover 'tiles', and even then the transparency revealed a blue (and now grey) box behind it.  
      My goal here is to have a 100% transparent box with a 2px white outline and the header showing, and that's it.  Then it behaves like normal with showing the content.
      Another question I have is: How do I know what a good image size is to use for this section?

      On your site you have a beautiful 3x3 layout of your staff with no spacing in between what so ever, each having a unique animation. How was that accomplished? Was special padding customizations used?
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      (side question: what is the default size image being used here?)
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      Hello! Love DMS...it's amazing how fast it allows creation of beautiful websites!
      Here's one suggestions, however... how come we can't three formats for video backgrounds?  Technically, for HTML5 videos to play on certain devices/browsers, we would need to include .webm as well as the .mp4 and .ogv.
      Really hope to this addition soon!
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      There are no controls in Chrome. There is in Safari but they doesn´t show up in Chrome.
      I have Version 1.4 and the latest DMS 2.1.5